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          Simplify by Kelly Rees

Bridget joyce sings about life. After all, that is what it's all about. She sings about the good, the bad and the in-between: whether singing abut domestic violence or love, Joyce uses her voice and her guitar and brings you into the songs. This self-made musician has found the San Diego music scene to be a fun one. Moving here from Baltimore, Joyce came not knowing much about the music scene or the viability of original music. San Diego accepted her with open arms, enjoying the frankness of her music and the comfort it offers.

   "I left all my contacts in Baltimore and moved outside of my comfort zone when I came here," Joyce says. "It was easy, as I knew that I had to get out of Baltimore to find a higher recognition level for original music. I wasn't about to keep playing someone else's music forever, not that there's anything wrong with musicians who choose that path."

    Her debut album "Purple", hit the market recently. The album showcases her powerful thoughts and is a fine collaboration of the strengths of her band, while not overwhelming Joyce's voice. As with any album, "Purple" is the culmination of months of creativity.

   "I have been so fortunate since I got here," she says. " I gave up the cover band thing and simply headed to the beach early on for 5-6 hours of consistant playing every day--[just] to play in front of an audience and get exposure (to the sun haha). I got noticed by some coffeehouse owners, and, well, it all took off from there."

    Joyce quickly began gathering crowds outside Jungle Java with her twice a week gig. "On the street and Jungle Java was really the first time I performed by myself," Joyce admits. "I was definitly learning to let go, get courage and play for an audience, solo".

    After strengthening her confidence at the coffeehouses, Joyce made the step up to making tapes and began to play in bookstores and at festivals. Backed by her band ----- Cliff Edwards on electric guitar, Joe Lilly on bass, Rob Alexander on drums/vocals and Kevin Krohn on keyboards/vocals ---- the studio work for "Purple" began.

    "We formed for the CD and we all clicked! The music was great and so we have been together ever since. It is just wonderful," she says. "They are great talented people and give so much of themselves to the group. it has gone really, well, really fast." 
    For Joyce, though, performing is the best part. Already, she has garnered a reputation for her stong stage presence ----- and for her purple attire. "I have seen my self change. I love to perform and play for people. I have seen my melodies grow and my lyrics change with the state of my life. I like to hear about things that I can relate to when I hear music. I offer those experiences in my music. I am able to do that more and more."

    Many bands are trying to break away from the hard-edged music that is so much a part of the "norm" right now. Bridget Joyce offers frank, simple lyrics with melodies that make you sit down and listen: "Photograhs in my memory/You echo back to me/The only thing I ever see is you/I spend my time in my own mind/looking back on yesterday/Changes blinding me, so I can't see/All my tears get in the way."

    Takes you back to the day, don't it?